Guest intel for short-term accommodation providers

Private and automated guest intelligence software. 

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Guest intelligence software helping you stay aware of reported guest incidents’ and related issues before they occupy.

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Good guests, great stays

Armed with information, Good to Book Members can easily identify any potential risks. Designed to prevent problematic guests booking accommodations — causing disruption, destruction and harm to other guests and properties.

Automated & up to date reports and alerts

Connects with Property Management Systems

Australian & New Zealand Privacy Law compliant

Hear from accommodation providers on why they love Good to Book

General Manager
The Miro Apartments

"A valuable tool for preventing undesirable guest experiences"

Being integrated with our Property Management Software means every guest name is checked against the comprehensive Good to Book database. Although occurrences are infrequent, this service has empowered us to effectively mitigate risks and protect ourselves, as well as our unit owners, from potentially unsuitable guests at the property.

Switch Hotel Solutions

"Good to Book has enhanced our credibility with unit owners"

Throughout our year-long experience with Good to Book, we've gained invaluable customer insights that have significantly impacted our business. This powerful tool has played a crucial role in protecting our owners' assets by promptly flagging instances of credit card fraud, wilful damage, and other concerning activities.

Redvue Apartments

"We have peace of mind leasing and renting our units as business owners"

As accommodation providers, it was difficult to find a platform for us to alert other accommodation providers – or be alerted ourselves – about unwanted guests. Those who may party all night or damage rooms and contents, costing hundreds or thousands of dollars! With Good to Book, we have peace of mind leasing and renting our units as business owners.

Owner & Manager
La Vida on Anzac Aparthotel

"Good to Book is invaluable to our business"

Having used Good to Book over the last 15 months - when it was first launched as ALW - we have actively avoided at least four reported Rogue Guests. We have noted a dramatic drop in problematic guests as well. On the occasions we do, we report them straight into the Good to Book database so other accommodation providers have the opportunity to avoid them at their own properties. Our PMS system integrates directly with Good to Book, so we are flagged as a booking enters our system of any potential Rogue Guest matches.

Ainslie Manor Bed & Breakfast

"What a great asset, having all this information at our fingertips"

Recouping costs from unwanted guests and their damage to our property is near impossible. Running my business on my own, I now feel secure in my bookings and can take appropriate actions before these situations arise. If an unlisted guest causes any problems, I can share this information on the platform to save others time and money, as well.

Guest Report

Property damage, theft, non-payment, and bad behaviour. You don’t need it, your staff didn’t ask for it, and your business shouldn’t be impacted by it.

Supporting a vigilant network of providers within the accommodation and hospitality industries, Good to Book takes these matters seriously. Guest Report provides a safe, secure and authorised way to report problematic guests if encountered — swiftly alerting other members of potential risks nearby.

Learn more about Good to Book’s feature Guest Check and it’s benefits.

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A Good to Book membership deters guests from practising antisocial and illegal behaviours

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