Booking good guests doesn’t need to be a gamble

Guest information helps mitigate the risk of booking Rogue Guests, giving you more time to manage your good guests for great stays.

Prevent booking Rogue Guests

How Guest Check works


Activate Guest Check

If your property management system includes the Guest Check feature, simply activate and continue to operate as normal.


Be notified

A Guest Check alert will be made visible if a suspicious name is recognised, providing you with the information you need at the time of booking.


Stay aware

Good to Book members are notified if a new unwanted guest report is submitted nearby, so you can stay vigilant when new booking requests are made.


Intel on demand

When further investigation is required, the Good to Book search feature, Intel on Demand gives members that extra level of access outside of Property Management Software.

Identify Rogue Guests before they disrupt, damage, and disappear.

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How Good to Book helps Reservation Managers

Be Guest Aware

Up to date guest reports indicate any potential risks involved at the time of booking

Book good guests
with confidence
Stay in your PMS

Guest Check integrates with Property Management Software to complement your existing booking workflow

Save 2 mins
per booking
Access secure data

Private and secure information available for registered members only

Gain access to a

true data source
Guest intel on hand

Query available guest information before you decide to accept a booking request

Use information to

make good decisions

A Good to Book membership deters guests from practising antisocial and illegal behaviours

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