Guest intel keeping your business safe from rogue guests for a low monthly fee.*

Hassle free, private, and cancel anytime.

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Good to Book membership includes

🔍 Unlimited Guest Checks

🔔 Local area alerts

⚙️ PMS integration

Less than 50 units
or $399/year

Essential for small, boutique properties that operate best with good guests.

Become a Memberor $399 per year
More than 50 units
or $599/year

Critical decision making tool for accommodation providers who readily accept reservations.

Become a Memberor $599 per year
100+ units
or $1099/year

Prerequisite for Reservation Managers of large scale properties.

Become a Memberor $1099 per year

Businesses in NZ must be GST Registered Accommodation Members. Pricing based on the number of units available for booking for your property. Additional transaction or subscription fees may apply.

*Unit of Accommodation available for booking definition: Accommodation Unit of any type that is a single listed accommodation item available for booking i.e.: An Aparthotel who has 21 types of accommodation available for booking so would fit under <50 online listings.  A large international branded hotel that has 252 Guest Rooms available for booking, would fit into >100-500 online listings.  A Property Manager on the Gold Coast, who manages multiple properties for individuals would be placed as per the amount of single listed accommodations available for a single booking (eg: A holiday home is one unit of accommodation, an apartment block with 6 different apartments available for booking would count as 6 units of accommodation, a bedroom in someone’s private home would be one unit of accommodation).  For campgrounds it would be numbers of cabins or chalets (fixed accommodation units). For Hostels it would be Dormitory styles/single rooms/shared rooms available for booking

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