Born out of necessity

Information is our strongest weapon against Rogue Guests.

As Short Term Accommodation Providers (STAP), we know that providing the best possible experience for our guests is good business. Even thousands of bookings later, we’re constantly finding ways to refine the services we offer, remaining relevant to previous guests, and appealing to prospective customers.

But it isn’t always smooth sailing. Occasionally we’re faced with disrespectful guests, causing disruption, destruction and harm to other guests — we refer to them as Rogue Guests.

Beyond the inconvenience and property damage caused, we were tired of Rogue Guests testing our employees’ patience, causing stress in the team, and ruining other guests’ visits.

Taking a chance on booking another Rogue Guest was no longer an option for us. Alongside law enforcement agencies, and a network of trusted industry professionals, we established a forthright network of vigilant accommodation providers to help identify vulnerabilities before they occur.

We share a common goal — provide excellent accommodation and guest services, free from Rogue Guests.

As the network expands, so does our collective confidence in providing customers and staff with the experience they deserve — built and backed by the industry we serve.

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